What is hotel rating star system? How do hotels determine star ratings?

Sometimes when we plan to go out, we give the most importance to the hotel. Most people prefer three-star hotels. It is believed that luxury facilities are more in five-star hotels and less in those below. Also, the rent is also higher in hotels with more stars, that’s all we know, but apart from that, ever wondered how a hotel gets its star rating? If you do not know, then let’s start to know it!!

We have two categories of hotel ratings: One of them is the Star category and the other is the Heritage category. The Star category has 5-star deluxe, 5-star, 4-star, 3-star, 2-star, and 1-star ratings while the heritage category has heritage grand, heritage classic, heritage basic, etc. Palaces have been converted into hotels here and abroad. That palace has a heritage rating.

How the hotel rating is determined?

Committee kept in mind several parameters for which star rating is given to the hotel. First, after the hotel has applied for the rating, a committee team studies the entire hotel, i.e. checks the small things like service, cleanliness, hotel rooms, room size, and other accessories. Then they match all these with their own parameters and decide how much star rating they will get based on that. It is said that earlier the committee used to stay in the hotel for a day or two to conduct this investigation, but now this process takes only a few hours.

While discussing the rating, the committee members consider the rooms, bathroom size, AC details, public areas, lobby, restaurants, conference hall, business center, health club, swimming pool, parking, special arrangements for the disabled, fire fighting measures, security, etc. is

Who rates the hotels with stars?

Ministry Of Tourism

Nowadays, the new hotels themselves declare how many stars they are, but such a rating has no meaning. There is a committee under the Ministry of Tourism of the Government, which is responsible for rating the hotels. The name of this committee is Hotel and Restaurant Approval and Classification Committee. This committee also has two wings. Out of which one wing operates only 1 to a 3-star rating and the other wing 4 and a 5-star rating.

What is special about which star rating?

Hotel star meaning
Hotel stars

One-star Hotels

Hotels with a one-star rating have average accommodation but are better than unrated hotels. Also, these hotels are very cheap. Minimum bedroom size 120 square feet, bed sheet change. Hot and cold water facilities and toiletries are available for guests. Most of these hotels do not have food facilities or restaurants.

Two-star hotels

Two-star hotels have more facilities than one-star hotels. Here you have a simple clothes rack or closet. You will also find in-room TV and a 24-hour working reception desk. You can get food in some hotels.

Three-star hotels

In three-star hotels, the room size is big and mostly air conditioners are installed. Guests get internet facilities and parking facilities from the hotel. 24 hours room service is available here and there are food arrangements or restaurants. There are also mini creases in the room. Its rent is higher than one and two-star hotels.

Four-star hotels

These hotels offer more facilities as compared to three stars. Some of the four-star hotels have suite rooms and the bathrooms have bathtub facilities. Apart from this, there are facilities including welcome drink, rooms bigger than three stars with bigger beds, breakfast, bouquet, conference room, fitness center, and work station.

Five-star hotels

The five-star hotels are special among all the hotels. Apart from the facilities of a four-star hotel, special attention is also paid to hospitality here. There are different posts here to supervise everything and guests get a comfortable stay and luxury facilities. Also, some multi-class facilities are provided to the guest. The room size is a minimum of 200 square feet. It offers a luxury spa, large swimming pool, butler service, welcome gift, bathroom with bathtub, luxury washroom, variety of breakfast bouquets, and multi-cuisine dishes for lunch and dinner.

The above are the minimum amenities. Now TV, mini fridge, phone, internet, closet, toiletries, all or some of the above facilities are mostly provided in all-star category hotels.


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