What is GPS mean? | How to GPS works? | What is the use of GPS?

What is GPS mean and how is it used?

Does India have a GPS navigation system?

Yes, India has its own GPS navigation system. It is called IRNSS i.e. Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System.

Campass earlier method for navigation
Compass-Earlier method for navigation

In earlier times, people used to know the right path by looking at the stars in the night sky. In the same way, the sailors sailing in the vast sea also used to get information about their location based on the constellations, but now if we want to get information about the location, we use the GPS of the phone. What is the GPS that is widely used today? How does it work? Who invented it? etc. Let’s find out if you don’t know.

Use of gps Navigation systems

Is. In 1957, the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik-1 satellite to develop advanced geological technology, but GPS was first used by the US Department of Defense nearly sixty years ago. was made in 1960. At that time, the US Navy used satellite navigation systems to track submarines carrying missiles. Then its use in defense and military was very effective. However, AD After 1983 it was made public for public use.

What is the use of GPS?

GPS is commonly used in five ways.

Location: To know the condition or position of a place.

Get directions through Google Maps

Tracking: To track any object or personal movement.

Mapping: To create a map of any place.

Timing: To get accurate time information.

GPS was invented by Ivan A. Getting Bradford Parkinson and Roger L. Aston together.

  • GPS shows a perfect location within a radius of about 16 feet if you are in an open area but may have some problems if you are in an area with large buildings, trees, and bridges.
  • GPS is also used by the military to monitor enemy countries.
  • Phones also have GPS. By turning on location, we can get directions and other information through Google Maps. Thanks to GPS, we can track where the delivery boy has reached after ordering the food, where he has reached in case of a taxi, etc. on the phone.
Get directions through Google Maps in smartphone
Get directions through Google Maps on a smartphone
  • The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system. Which is made together with 24 satellites. It works in every situation. It can be used in any season.
  • GPS works 24 hours in every corner of the world.

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How do we work?

Emergency Response: Whenever there is an emergency or a natural disaster such as a flood, earthquake, storm, etc., the first responders use GPS for mapping, following, etc. and with the help of it, the people who have gone to the emergency can also be monitored.

Entertainment: GPS is used in many activities and various games.

Health and Fitness Technology: The use of smartwatches and other similar wearable technologies has increased these days. Through it, you can track fitness activities. Like, how many kilometers you walked or run etc.

Theft can also be stopped: Currently, police use GPS systems to catch criminals. In the same way, if one’s animals are lost, they can also be found with the help of GPS, however, for this, a GPS tracking system should be installed on them. This system is also used for valuable artifacts that are at risk of theft. Now people keep GPS tracking systems installed in their vehicles. So that the vehicles can be tracked and also protected against theft.

Construction: GPS is also useful in locating equipment. This makes many other tasks, including measuring, easier.

Transportation: Logistics companies also use it for driver productivity and safety. Logistics companies continuously monitor the location of their goods on road and according to this, they estimate the delivery time of goods.

Use of GPS in automobiles car
Use of GPS in automobiles car

This is how to GPS works

Global Positioning System is the full name of GPS. It is a system that consists of three components: a satellite, a ground satellite, and a receiver in which the satellites act like constellations while the ground satellite uses radar to determine where it is actually located. A receiver that is similar to your phone’s receiver. It always picks up the signals that are sent by satellite and only the receiver determines how far the two are actually from each other. Once the receiver has determined its distance through four or more satellites, it can know exactly where it is located. GPS works when three satellites, ground satellites, and receivers are found.

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