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Elon musk spacex ceo

In the infinite and vast universe, the so-called creator has created innumerable celestial bodies. It is not possible that only one body called Earth should be made the maternity home of life and all the rest should hold the lap of all the celestial spheres. It is different that researchers have not yet found life on another planet in the visible universe. Yet are we (earthlings) alone in the universe?’ That question is a very powerful driving force behind his research. This question has caused many astronomers to throw away the space panes.

There is another question that has been written immortally: Is there life on Mars, Earth’s closest cousin? It first crept into the mind of the German scientist Carl Gauss about 200 years ago. He theorized that intelligent beings lived on Mars, following which other scientists and science fiction writers imagined the possible life forms of Mars in their own way. His ideas appeared in the form of text and pictures in science fiction books and cartoons. In each the plot of the story was fictional, but the foundations on which the plot was built were made of the cement-concrete called science. Hence, on the one hand, the reader of such literature would be thrilled, on the other hand, a feeling of indifference towards science would arise.

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Elon musk | Photo by Frederic J. BROWN / AFP via Getty)

Among the generations that grew up reading Martian science fiction stories in the twentieth century, Tabrio was a standout. Name: Elon Musk! As noted in privious article, Elon may live on earth physically, but he always lives in his imaginary world with his mind. A world that was based on future scientific discoveries. As a child, Elon was drawn to the night planet after reading about Mars and its alleged intelligent beings. The idea of ​​visiting there in the future became deep in the mind. The event that awakened that idea, which was lying dormant in an unknown corner of the mind for years, happened at the beginning of the twenty-first century. That event was to be instrumental in changing the future not only of Elon Musk but also of space science.

The year was 2001. An organization called the Mars Society in America held its annual convention at that time. The Mars Society was formed in the year 1998 with the aim of spreading knowledge about the night planet Mars, its possible life, and how to establish a human colony there in the future. Thirty-year-old Elon Musk attended the convention in 2001. Here, researchers, scientists, and astronomers gave a logical explanation about the planet Mars, which influenced Musk. It refreshed the memories of what he had read in his childhood about Rata Graha. An extraordinary idea immediately erupted in Musk’s mind: to establish a human colony on Mars in the future!

SpaceX future Mars colony concept
Future Mars colony concept | Credit-Fee.org

The idea was undoubtedly the Sheikhchalli brand. But a man who has the talent and the ability to convert science fiction into science fact should not be placed in the Jamaat of Shaikhchalli. Rather, it should be called a dream. Musk was a dreamer as well as a visionary! He could see into the very distant future. It was at the convention of the Mars Society that he named the proposed colony on Mars: Mars Oasis!

After the naming, now it was time to implement the idea. Rockets must first be arranged to carry the spaceships needed to establish a colony on Mars. Hence Elon Musk reached Russia in the same year (2001). As noted in the previous article, the Russians did not appreciate Musk, so after returning from there empty-handed, he created a company called SpaceX. 

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SpaceX’s office is a huge godown-like construction of a quarter of a million square feet, located slightly away from the American city of Los Angeles. Computers, printers, table-chairs, stationery, etc. kept coming one after another with necessary items. The sequence of arrivals lasted seven days, during which Elon Musk himself helped unload the truck several times. Elon Musk also took a personal interest in handpicking the best engineers, computer programmers, scientists, and rocket scientists who worked for various US companies. For five years straight, SpaceX was hiring two or three new employees every week.

At the end of tireless efforts and deep research, the rocket named Falcon-1 was ready. Organizations like America’s NASA and our ISRO procure the necessary components for their rockets from private companies. But Elon Musk didn’t take that route. He also made very common parts like nut bolts in SpaceX. The positive result of this was that the cost of the Falcon-1 rocket came down significantly. Conventional rockets would have to be decommissioned at Gaya after blasting off into the sky, while SpaceX’s Falcon-1 rocket could be reused by putting a satellite-like parcel into orbit and returning to Earth. This novel idea changed the equations of satellite launching in an unexpected way. For example, it would cost NASA 30 million dollars to launch a satellite weighing two and a half kilograms. Elon Musk’s Hoodybaba Falcon-1 was able to carry a six-and-a-half kilogram payload into space at a cost of only seven million dollars in a single aerial jump.

Falcon-1 rocket
Falcon-1 rocket | Credit- teslarati.com

On March 24, 2006, Elon Musk’s ambitious Falcon-1 rocket made its maiden flight. The rocket roared in all directions, but in the twenty-fifth second after launch, the rocket burst into flames. Five months later, the second Falcon-1 flew, but unfortunately, it too failed. After an unsuccessful (and very expensive) launch of Bubba, hardly anyone would dare try a third test. But Musk, who wanted to realize the dream of Mars at any cost, marched ahead with the philosophy that what will happen will be seen. Two years later, on August 3, 2008, the third Falcon-1 was launched. The result is the same! The Falcon-1 satellite of the US Air Force, sitting on the upper stage of the rocket, collided with the ground.

If you fail not once, not twice, but three times in any big mission, you should not fail. Elon Musk had enough reasons to fail. As such, his company SpaceX was on the verge of financial bankruptcy after three failed tests. The company that Musk launched under the Tesla banner was also likely to blow the debt, as electric cars did not receive the desired response. Musk’s personal net worth showed a ‘miserable’ figure of just $30 million after much erosion. In short, ventures under SpaceX and Tesla made the billionaire Musk a multimillionaire.

Elon musk spacex ceo
Photo credit- Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Elon Musk has taken the biggest gamble of his life with the adamant name of not backing down even if he has to file for bankruptcy. The final capital of three million dollars was divided into two parts and invested in Tesla and SpaceX. The final game of Is Par Ya Us Par was played on September 28, 2008. The Falcon-1 rocket takes off for its fourth test. This time, fortunately, Paso Pobar fell. The Falcon-1 rocket soared into the sky, taking SpaceX’s reputation to new heights. Elon and his brother Kimball cried like little children that day.

For six years straight, Elon Musk spent countless nights of worry, exhaustion, and stress. What finally dawned was the dawn of a new, profitable era of satellite launching. The government of Malaysia came to make the first Chanla of Shukan on the forehead of the elon mask as a tribute to Lord Ganesha. The Malaysian government awarded a contract to SpaceX to launch a 180-kilogram satellite called ‘Razaxat’ 700 kilometers into the sky. A company like a patient dependent on saline water received a powerful booster dose of monetized vitamin-M. After this drip, money flowed like Niagara Falls. Seeing the feasibility of Falcon-1, NASA awarded SpaceX a $1.5 billion contract in December 2009, according to which Musk was to deliver a total of 12 NASA space parcels to the International Space Station.

Falcon 9 rocket
Falcon 9 rocket | Credit- shutterstock.com

There was no question of looking back now. Elon Musk and his intelligent engineers and design team have developed a more powerful rocket named Falcon-9. It is true that the Falcon-9 proved to be the winning horse of the derby race in the space arena of satellite launching, and the rocket opened up a new field of space tourism. Today, the SpaceX company makes over $2 billion a year in the business of commercially sending satellites, space station components, and researchers into space, and space tourism. The value of the company, bustling with twelve thousand employees, is not less than 100 billion dollars. Elon Musk’s personal wealth has crossed $221 billion. They are willing to play one more game with this huge amount of money. There is a gambling bet: to establish a human colony on Mars! 

Starship spacex
Starship SpaceX |Credit-forbes.com

Elon has to fulfill the decision to establish a colony on Mars made in the convention of the Mars Society in the year 2001 at any cost. For this, he made a huge rocket called Starship and successfully conducted its tests. If everything goes well, the first unmanned rocket will travel to Mars in 2024. After five years, Mars will make its first equinox trip and colonies will be established on the night planet in 2035. All this may seem strange to the world today, but the dreamer Elon Musk, who has decided to take his last breath on Mars, sees logic in it. Musk’s ability to turn science fiction into science fact will never let him sit down!



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