How Diamond is formed? | Indian Diamonds mines | Interesting Facts about Diamonds

Indian Diamonds mines How to identify a real diamond Real diamonds

Interesting Facts about Diamonds. How Diamond is formed?

The sparkle of diamonds attracts everyone not only nowadays but also for thousands of years! He adorns the crowns of kings and the ornaments of queens. Everyone knows how gold, which has a special place in the treasures of the king, is found, but how a hero is made, where it is found, and whether it is true or false, very few people know. If you don’t know, find out. 

Diamonds have been a symbol of royal splendor for centuries. Also, India has been the center of the diamond business for thousands of years. It is said that the world’s first diamond was discovered four thousand years ago in the glittering sands of a river in India’s Golconda region (present-day Hyderabad). India has not been the world’s leading producer since the 1700s, yet diamond mines in India continue to be discovered. In 2013, India’s large industrial mines and other small-scale mines combined produced 37,515 carats of diamonds, less than one-tenth of one percent of the total world production of 132.9 million carats at the time. However, even today, 92% of the world’s diamonds are cut and polished in Surat, an industrial city in western India. Apart from India, diamonds are found in about 20 countries. Diamonds are found in abundance in countries like Russia, South Africa etc. The Romans called diamonds the tears of God.

How diamonds is formed What is a diamond made of

How diamonds is formed? What is a diamond made of?

Diamond is a transparent gemstone. It is chemically the purest form of carbon with no impurities at all. If a diamond is heated in an oven at a temperature of 763 degrees Celsius, it burns to form carbon dioxide and does not leave ash. Thus, diamonds are made up of a hundred percent carbon. Diamond is chemically very inert and insoluble in all solvents and has a specific gravity of 3.51. Diamonds are excellent insulators of electricity but are also good conductors of heat.

Diamonds are formed here

According to scientists, diamonds form under very hot pressure about 160 kilometers below the ground and are forced upwards due to volcanic eruptions. On the other hand, due to the collision of planets and bodies, diamonds are also found. At very high pressures and temperatures underground, carbon atoms combine in a unique way and turn into rare stones like diamonds.

Interesting Facts about Diamonds. How Diamond is formed

Indian Diamonds mines

in India are found in Panna and Bundar Project (Madhya Pradesh) and Kollar Mine, Golconda (Andhra Pradesh). The world’s most famous diamond named Kohinoor came out of the famous mine of Golconda, which today is in the crown of the Queen of Britain.

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Not all diamonds are used in jewelry

priced according to their carat i.e. clarity. Large diamonds are very rare and expensive. Only 20% of diamonds are useful for making jewelry and 80% of diamonds are of poor quality. Such diamonds are also called industrial diamonds. Diamonds are very hard so they are used to make things like drill bits and diamond saws. However, diamonds are valuable even if they are not of good quality.

How to identify a real diamond Real diamonds

Indian Diamonds mines How to identify a real diamond Real diamonds

  • Real diamonds sink in water while fake diamonds float on top of the water.
  • Place the diamond on a newspaper or book and try to read the letters across it. If you see crooked lines, understand that the hero is fake and the letters read as genuine.
  • If a diamond shines with a blue tint when viewed under ultraviolet rays, it is genuine, but if it has a pale yellow or slaty tint, then it is fake.

Myths About Diamonds

  • Many people believe that diamonds are made from coal, but that is not true.
  • There is a belief that heroin is poisonous so it is killed by sucking or swallowing it, but this is not actually the case. Diamonds are not poisonous. However, Diamonds are a hard mineral and, being insoluble and abrasive, can tear or injure the intestines, leading to excessive bleeding and death in humans.

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