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A very famous dialogue from the Hindi film ‘Kalia’ is Hum Jahan Kadhe Ho Jaite Hain, line vahi se suru hoti hain.!

Even though the dialogue was written for the great actor Amitabh Bachchan, but his words might suit Elon Musk better. Elon Musk does not know Hindi. Hum Jahan Kadhe Ho Jaite Hain, line vahi se suru hoti hain.! He would have slammed the dialogue on Twitter! The reason why this film dialogue seems to fit him perfectly is obvious. Elon Musk has pioneered innovative business-cum-scientific ventures in strange directions that no other person in the world would have dreamed of even while awake, let alone dreaming. He has transformed what seemed like science fiction in the past into science facts with his unique resourcefulness. Hence, in the field of modern technology, wherever they stand today, the world is drawn backward, considering it as a beacon. Just look at the list of commercial initiatives (Elon musk companies) that Elon musk has done—

  • Conventional rockets are not reusable after launch. But Elon Musk has radically changed the equations of satellite launching by creating a reusable ‘Falcon’ rocket. E.g. The cost of sending 1 kg of cargo into space via space shuttle would be $4,400. Elon brought that cost down to $2,720 per kilogram with the ‘Falcon’ rocket.
Spacex-Elon musk company
Spacex | Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash
  • The electric car, which was all the rage at the end of the nineteenth century, was forgotten by the bar prices of the beginning of the twentieth century. No one paid attention to it for a hundred years. But where no one can see, Elon Musk can see! Given the increasing scarcity of petroleum, Musk, who had realized that the future belonged to electric cars, revived the vehicle. Under the ‘Tesla’ banner they ushered in a new era of modern electric cars.
Tesla motors-Elon musk company
Tesla motors |Photo by Tesla Fans Schweiz on Unsplash
  • The world is said to have entered the Internet era. But the fact is that the internet has not reached 3.1 billion people till date. No one could have imagined that such a large population would be ‘captured’ in the web of the Internet. Musk got an idea, so he launched the ‘Starlink’ service that provides 24×7 fluent internet to any corner of the world.
Starlink satelite-Elon musk company
Starlink Satelite | Image credit: Mark Garlick/Science Photo Library
  • Currently, there is a total of four modes of transport namely trains, ships, planes, and vehicles to go from one place to another. A fifth medium called ‘Hyperloop’ by Musk is about to arrive. It is currently in the testing phase. But once operational, a new era of travel is about to begin, with speeds of 1,200 kilometers per hour becoming the new standard of travel.

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space tourism offers space tours to tourists; establishing a human colony on Mars by 2035; Smart technology that the machine itself builds itself with effort, neurotechnology that reads the human brain and performs certain tasks accordingly, a solar city with a giant complex of solar cells harnessing solar energy, etc. are all ideological crops grown in the very fertile mind of Elon Musk.

Solar city the elon musk company

Even a few years ago, those ideas were in the form of ideas, when Elon Musk was considered a braggart. But with the passage of time, Elon has been narrowing the gap between imagination and reality. This very much makes them stand out from the crowd of billions. 

Born on June 28, 1971, in the city of Pretoria, South Africa, Elon Musk had a strong attachment to science fiction since childhood. On the contrary, it can be said that even though Elon Musk was living on the planet called Earth, but with his mind, Elon Musk was always living in his imaginary world. A world that was based on future scientific discoveries. A world in whose building science itself was the ‘brick-cement’.

Elon musk inculcated in his mind at a very young age that any subject should be studied properly rather than rote. Hence, they diverged over time from the traditional Gadarian stream of study. An average school-going child’s favorite book is a picture story book. But Elon musk’s inclination was towards the massive 32-volume encyclopedia called Encyclopaedia Britannica. He preferred to read a volume of Britannica rather than a school textbook.

volume of Britannica
The volume of Britannica | Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Elon musk’s vision reached far horizons, standing on the solid platform that this choice provided Gnanrupi. It became his nature to do advanced research while living in his imaginary world. The challenge of mental wrestling was discovered at the age of 9 when Elon musk tried his hand at a computer for the first time. Elon learned a computer course called ‘How to Program Guide’ in just 3 days when an average child of the same age would take 6 months. He has achieved so much mastery that he can teach his classmates. After three years, the boy not only created a computer game called ‘Blaster’ using a computer program called BASIC, but sold it to a private company for 500 dollars and made cash. This glorious moment made Elon convinced that if the idea has the energy, the world is ready to take it with both hands. Where was Elon Musk short of innovative ideas?

After completing his undergraduate studies in science and economics, 24-year-old Elon Musk embarked on his first business venture. The Internet had already arrived in America then. Millions of people were already using it. Hence Musk launched an online service called Zip2. It was an online digital version of the Yellow Pages that published the names and addresses of various businesses in a voluminous directory format. Musk’s idea was new.

Zip2 the elon musk comapny
Zip2 | Credit-howtodiscuss.com

From the quotation to the furniture, the customer could get every information on his computer screen in seconds. No one had ever given him such a handy service before. As a result, Musk’s Zip2 received an overwhelming response. In four years, the business became so fast that a giant company named Compaq bought Zip2 for 30.7 million dollars. Elon Musk got his hands on a hefty sum of money, which he invested in a succession of new business ventures (such as PayPal, an online financial payment service) that made Musk a billionaire by 2001.

The journey so far was to make ends meet financially. But now it was time to convert the science fiction dreams seen in childhood into scientific fact. In 2001, Musk took the first step in that direction. They wanted to establish a human colony on Earth’s cousin Mars, for which they needed a powerful rocket to transport the necessary cargo to Mars. There was no match for him in America, so Elon arrived in Russia.

During the Cold War against America, Soviet Russia built a large number of long-range intercontinental missiles. After the clouds of the Cold War dissipated, those missiles were no longer needed, and Russia converted them into rockets and used them to launch satellites. Elon Musk had his eye on a 113 feet high rocket called Dnepr, which could make a leap into space with cargo weighing four and a half thousand kilograms. He met face-to-face with the managers of the Russian company manufacturing the rocket, but the managers gave a cold response. Instead, he insulted Musk in the Thawki language and showed him the door.

After drinking the bitter cup of humiliation, Elon Musk returned home empty-handed. After exactly one year, he visited Russia again. This time the response from Rousey was not cold, but it proved to turn the cold water on Musk’s face. It turned out that the executives of the rocket company were willing to sell the Dnepr rocket to Elon Musk, but demanded an exorbitant sum of $80 million per unit.

Hearing this alarming figure, the volcano that erupted in the mind caught Elon musk by surprise walking out of the ongoing meeting before it erupted. Sitting on the seat of the plane on the return journey, he thought why sit hoping for a rocket? Why not build it yourself? With a small idea, the seed of a new venture called SpaceX was planted in the mind of Elon Musk.

SpaceX_Logo the elon musk comapny

In the wake of this adventure, a mighty storm of revolution was to blow in the field of space. The equations for launching satellites from Earth were to change overnight. A completely new direction of space travel was to be opened. The science fiction idea of ​​establishing a human colony on Mars was about to get closer to science fact. Of course, Elon Musk himself had to go through the terrible maze of technological challenges while giving all those benefits to the world. The billionaire visionary was on the brink of bankruptcy in his SpaceX venture. The inspirational story of Elon Musk rising like a phoenix despite being reduced to ashes in a series of huge losses, Click here!!! Cheers!!!



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