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The Pyramids of Giza by night in Egypt

About 4000 years ago, Egyptians would have ruled Egypt. He used to create different artifacts in his time and along with this artwork, it also left behind some mystery. The existence of aliens, the alignment with the stars of the pyramid, the natural being in the pyramid that keeps the temperature at 20 degrees, these are all such things that do not allow scientists to sleep peacefully. The biggest mystery of how these pyramids were made is being studied for a long time and scientists are continuing with them, but till date no one has been able to solve all the mystery.

The Pyramids of Giza by night in Egypt
The Pyramids of Giza by night in Egypt

How did they connect each stone, what method did they use completely and why this pyramid is so perfectly online that they were also used without any machine. 2300000 limestones have been used inside one pyramid. Each one of them weighs around 2 to 7 tonnes and till date high technology creans cannot lift more than 20,000 kg. Then building a pyramid-like structure seems scientifically impossible.

Then how did they do this 4000 years ago, how did they transport such a heavy limestone from one place to another and how did they make pyramid-like structures by perfectly aligning the stones one on top of the other. There can be an answer to this. Aliens.

There is a theory attached to the pyramid called 123 Theory. If you look at the pyramid in the night time, you will see that the pyramid is actually aligning with the constellation of stars in the sky. The name of this constellation is orion belt and it has three main stars. Their names are Alinta, Alnilam and Mintaka. The position and alignment of the pyramids are exactly like stars. Seeing the impossible thing, many scientists believe that aliens must have come to Earth in earlier times and with their help they would have built these Impossible Pyramid Structures. And these aliens must have come from the same stars. No one knows whether the pyramid was built by humans or aliens, but one thing is sure that the pyramid has some relation with the distant stars.

Why were the pyramids built?

It is believed that the pyramid may have been built to house the tombs of the then kings and queens. You must have heard about mummy. Those who believe in the matter of the tombs of the kings and queens, then they say that after the death of the kings and queens of this time, their bodies were made by wrapping their bodies in a cloth called linen with a special type of spices and chemicals and that mummy was kept in the grave. If you ask how many mummies have been found in the pyramid till date, then the answer is zero. The pyramid has not yet been properly explored and all the tombs were empty if we talk about the number of explorers. No king’s mummy was found in the King’s Chamber and no Queen’s mummy was found in the Queen’s Chamber. And because of this, many scientists believe that the pyramid may not have been built to keep mummies, the pyramid must have been built for some other reason. Because of this, some people believe that it must have been made for being an alien and for their purse on someone. Maybe it is some of alien power plant from earlier times.

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