What is a trademark? | What is a patent? | What is a Copyright? | Difference between Trademark, Copyright and Patent

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what is the difference between trademark copyright and patent?

When we buy clothes, medicine, food or household items, books, etc., we can check the authenticity of that product by some symbols made on it. Most people are aware of trademarks. If we check the trademark while buying something, we can avoid buying fake products. Something similar is with copyrights and patents. Know what trademarks, patents and copyrights actually are and what are their benefits.

What is a trademark?


In simple terms, a trademark is a ‘brand’ or ‘logo’ that a company can use to differentiate its products from those of its competitors. Any word, name, symbol, or device can be a trademark. Nowadays there are many fake companies that sell fake products and many consumers even buy these fake products because they cannot tell the difference between genuine and fake. Therefore, a trademark is created to prevent consumers from falling prey to such fake companies or their products. For example, when we buy a new mobile from the market, we look for a trademark to know which company has manufactured that mobile. It gives us the knowledge of the makers of the company. Trademarks also provide legal protection to Brah logos.

Why is a trademark needed?

It is natural to wonder why a company needs a trademark. Let’s resolve this issue as well. A trademark is actually an intellectual property right. That is, the trademark symbol on an item proves that it is made by a particular company. A trademark is used by an individual, professional organization, etc. for their products or services. A name, phrase, logo, special symbol, design, or picture is usually trademarked. which has made its trademark on the company’s products. Let’s look at a great example of a person’s trademark. Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has trademarked his SRK. So no person or agency can use SRK for their professional benefit without Shahrukh’s knowledge. Legal action may be taken, if anyone does so.

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What is a patent?

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One thing should never be forgotten that an idea that comes to your mind may come to someone else’s mind too, but the idea belongs to the one who registered it officially first. Patents are very important for entrepreneurs. This process of registering an idea is called a patent. Patenting an idea can only bring the revenue from it to your pocket. A patent is a right that a person or organization gives to an entirely new service, technique, process or product, or design so that no one can copy it. After patenting, you can take legal action if someone or a business organization copies your patent. If someone wants to use that patent, they have to get your permission and in return also have to pay royalties. However, a patentee can sell his patent to another person or business entity. Any product or thing can be patented for a maximum of 20 years.

What is Copyright?


Copyright Copyright is a form of intellectual property, like a patent, which is quite different from a trademark. Copyright not only assures protection but also gives rights to your original work. It often happens that when you are doing something and it becomes popular among people, then someone else starts copying you with the same name. Copyright means that no one can copy your original work and you own the right to it. Works related to film and literature come under copyright along with writing, sound recording, business startup, etc. Copyright covers works related to writing, works related to music, photography, painting, artwork, video content, film, and television content. Copyright also includes TV and radio broadcasts. Is. The Copyright Registration Act was enacted in 1957 and implemented in 1958.

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