Why is CE marking on an electronics item? what is the meaning of CE certification?

CE marking label or European Conformity certification mark

Why is CE marking on an electronics item? what is the meaning of CE certification?

CE marking label or European Conformity certification mark
CE marking label or European Conformity certification mark |Credit- vectorstock.com


CE marking was launched by the Council of Directives on July 22, 1993. Only after affixing the CE mark can the manufacturer sell his product in Europe. A CE mark is mandatory for selling products in countries that fall under the European Economic Area (EEA). This mark is required on every product that is made in accordance with the 24th European Directive. It is also said that CE marking was started on the back of all electronic goods from the year 1985 in European countries. However, earlier this marking was done by EC instead of CE.

What does CE certification mean?

CE marking on electronics

The CE marking indicates the product’s safety guarantee. If CE marking is made on an electronic product, it means that through this CE marking the manufacturer guarantees that all the safety requirements of the European Union have been taken into account in the production of this product. Now let’s know the CE marking meaning. The CE certification full form is Conformite European. This is a French word. When the manufacturer uses the CE marking it ensures the guarantee itself. That means the manufacturer has done all kinds of tests and thorough checks while making the product. The product meets 24 criteria that meet the health, safety, performance, and environmental requirements of European countries. That is why CE marking is considered the standard worldwide.

Fake CE Marking from China

Many companies make fake CE marking from china that look like the original. It looks like the original. Many Chinese companies sell their goods around the world by writing a fake CE (slightly different from the original) mark in this way, but China shows its mischief and says that this CE means China Export.

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Genuine CE Marking

The genuine CE marking has C and E written on it. The CE marking written in this mark consists of a half circle and the E is also formed in a half circle. Both have the same circle size. If we talk about space, then both the alphabets formed in a Half circle are formed as close as they fit in one circle. That is, if C completes the inscribed circle, it will cut E, but it will not go outside the circle.

The meaning of the double square symbol or class 2 symbol on electronics devices

class 2 symbol electronics
class 2 symbol on electronics

Many electronic products have a double square symbol. In which there is another small square inside a big square. This means that this product is double insulated. Also called the class 2 symbol. It also indicates that this charger does not require earthing or any other safety connection. It also states that the DC output wire is isolated from the AC input.


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